Brief Quotes & Reviews
"Catfish Keith is the new slide king of the National steel guitar."
-Reg Brenlo, Blueprint
(British Blues Connection)

"Catfish Keith is a young, astoundingly accomplished steel guitar player originally from East Chicago, Indiana . . . an individual style . . . Keith's vocals are impressive; he's not just a guitar player but puts everything into his performance.  If you like powerful well-played country blues, this is for you!"
-Norman Darwen, Blues Life

"Blues Wizard."
-The Boston Globe

"Keith's raging slide guitar, intricate fingerpicking and infectious vocals tab him as one of the idiom's top acoustic revivalists."
-Bill Dahl, Living Blues

"Breaking new ground for blues, Catfish Keith is a solo revelation.  He makes each song sound new . . . See him if you can . . . Catfish was the star of the (Edinburgh Jazz & Blues) festival."
-Bob Flynn, The Guardian (UK)

"Catfish sings and plays with grit and a growl, and he obviously has a blast . . . So do we."
-Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, Acoustic Guitar

"Catfish Keith is one of the most exciting and skilled bluesmen of his generation.  A man with drive and real swing."
-Robert Tilling, Blues & Rhythm (UK)

"There is an excitement that jumps out of the speakers.  His slide work is a joy to hear.  The tension of the strings with the pleading wail is eerie and touching at the same time -- highly recommended."
-Richard B. Kamans, Cadence

"The dynamics and intensity of this new release had me jumpin' . . . a new atmosphere in the blues."
-Bob Vorel, Blues Revue Quarterly

"Catfish Keith is one of the best blues entertainers in the USA."
-Dave Van Ronk

"Catfish Keith is a personality kid who takes charge right off . . . dazzling acoustic guitar work.  Growls and falsettos alternate in the same number, as if he's doing duets with himself.  Catfish is fearless . . . he reshapes and recycles the gems he's plucked from the past."
-John Douglas, Blues Access

"Catfish Keith is one extremely dynamic, energetic blues performer . . . uncanny blues ability.  MY HIGHEST RATING.  LOADS OF FUN."
-Victory Review

"He's our era's premier exponent of the classic delta blues.  Those who saw him were universally overwhelmed with his veritable one-man show on the National Steel Guitar and fingerlickin' cool country blues.

"Keith's brand of delta blues radiates an infectious, life-affirming buoyancy.  He tells stories and plays roles through his songs, and his picking displays a rhythmic and harmonic richness not always associated with the blues."
-Daily Iowan

"He's great!"
-Des Moines Register

"Catfish Keith satisfied a standing-room-only crowd of blues hungry souls.  It was DYN-O-MYTE!!"
-Louisville Music News

"Catfish will give you goose bumps (and) will leave you howling for more."
-James Jensen, Dirty Linen

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