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Mississippi River Blues CD by Catfish KeithNew! "Mississippi River Blues" CD, LP & Download (FTRCD015 & FTRLP015) 2016-17
Catfish's 16th album of foot-stomping delta blues and roots music was recorded at the hot and humid peak of summer at Luke Tweedy's Flat Black Studios. Catfish brought his arsenal of Nationals and acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars and laid down a powerhouse collection of string-rattling classics and original songs inspired by the earliest and deepest country blues, bottleneck guitar gospel evangelists, and red-eyed viper jazz smokeouts.

14 cuts include
It Won't Be Long Now, Just Can't Keep from Crying, Please, Baby, Telling You Pretty Mama, Sleepy-Eyed John, Reefer Hound, Mississippi River Blues, The Whale Swallowed Jonah, Canción Mixteca, Jumpin' Jack Rabbit, Candyman, Weed, Mama Don't You Sell It, Papa Don't You Give It Away, Shake Sugaree

 CD: $15
MP3 Download of Mississippi River Blues Album $10

Catfish Keith Mississippi River Blues LP


 10 LP cuts include
It Won't Be Long Now, Just Can't Keep from Crying, Please, Baby, Telling You Pretty Mama, Sleepy-Eyed John, Reefer Hound, Mississippi River Blues, The Whale Swallowed Jonah, Canción Mixteca, Jumpin' Jack Rabbit

Candyman, Weed, Mama Don't You Sell It,
Papa Don't You Give It Away, Shake Sugaree

Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP with Download Card $25

New! Mississippi River Blues T-Shirts - Two designs, in men's and women's shirts!
Two different cool designs by Jason Hieronymous using Robert Armstrong's original art, Men's shirts are on Gildan Ultra 100% Cotton T-Shirts. Same designs on very nice, special soft scoopneck charcoal heather Women's shirts, Next Apparel brand. Note: the women's t-shirt sizes run small. Women may want to order one or two sizes larger than their normal size.
Catfish Keith Women's Mississippi River Blues
Guitars T-ShirtCatfish Keith Mississippi River Blues Guitars Men's

Men's Mississippi River Blues Guitars Design Black T-Shirt $20

Women's Mississippi River Blues Guitars Design Charcoal Heather T-Shirt $25


Catfish Keith Mississippi River Blues Cover Men's
T-ShirtCatfish Keith Mississippi River Blues Cover Women's
Men's Mississippi River Blues Cover Black T-Shirt $20


Women's Mississippi River Blues Cover Charcoal Heather T-Shirt $25



Acoustic blues pioneer CATFISH KEITH's acclaimed album is now available on a colored vinyl LP, complete with download card! In the last year, Honey Hole has achieved great accolades, including considerations for three GRAMMY nominations, BLUES MUSIC AWARD nominations and has gotten NUMBER ONE airplay for over a year on hundreds of radio shows around the world.

Honey Hole
shows Catfish singing at the height of his powers, playing the deepest country blues and roots music ever heard on an array of big-toned acoustic, National and 12-string guitars.This 12-inch, 33 & 1/3rd rpm record is on orange, high quality vinyl, and comes with a download card.

Fantastic cover art by the legendary Robert Armstrong, and the best sound quality of all of Catfish's 15 albums, recorded, engineered and mastered by the great Luke Tweedy.

10 cuts on the LP include: Sweet Honey Hole, Best Jelly in the Neighborhood, Jailbird Love Song, Weed Smoker's Dream - Why Don't You Do Right? Tomi Tomi, Take Me Back, Who's Been Here? She Got Washed Away, Someday Baby, Rowdy Blues 4 Bonus Cuts on the Download: God Don't Like It, Frisco Town, Lotus Blossom, Poor Howard - Green Corn LP with Download Card: $25

Honey Hole CD
by Catfish Keith"HONEY HOLE" CD (FTRCD014) 2013
CATFISH KEITH is back with his all-new album, HONEY HOLE. Catfish is a world touring acoustic blues master that has been on the forefront of delta blues and roots music for over 30 years. Singing and playing a foot-stomping style thoroughly his own, this is music soaked in tradition and innovation. Catfish is carrying and building on a quirky, weird and very deep music, making the whole musical universe with the sounds of guitar and voice.

"GUITAR GENIUS."  - Living Blues

"Hypnotic and beautiful, dark and pure."   - Premier Guitar

"The real acoustic blues king!" - Rock 'n' Reel

"Pulling Blues Out of The Sky, Catfish lays down a foot-stomping groove. One of the most exciting guitarists of any genre."    - Acoustic Guitar

14 cuts include: Sweet Honey Hole, Best Jelly in the Neighborhood, Jailbird Love Song, Weed Smoker's Dream - Why Don't You Do Right? Tomi Tomi, Take Me Back, Who's Been Here? She Got Washed Away, Someday Baby, Rowdy Blues, God Don't Like It, Frisco Town, Lotus Blossom, Poor Howard - Green Corn   CD: $15
        MP3 Download of Honey Hole Album: $10

Put on
a Buzz CD by Catfish Keith"Put on a Buzz" CD (FTRCD013) 2011
Catfish is back with an all new recording of brand new originals and classic country blues & roots music. Picking and sliding his way through fourteen cuts, Catfish shows why he's been one of the world's leading exponents of solo acoustic blues for over 30 years. On this album, Catfish plays songs from the old days from such masters as Leadbelly, Bukka White, Frank Stokes, Sol K. Bright and Jazz Gillum, with fantastic tales of dope-fueled dreams, rising from the dead, and Hawaiian cowboys. His originals come from the same weird, heartfelt, downhome place with titles such as "Sigh of the Whippoorwill," "Paying for it Now," "Put on a Buzz," "Xima Jo Road," and "Can't Be Undone."

"...a voice like a canon and a bendy, funky, barkin' snappin' guitar style that I've never heard anybody successfully imitate. He shouts, he growls, he grins and stomps his foot, and the music rolls out of him like an avalanche.  It's one of the most erotic things I've ever seen anybody do with a guitar...hypnotic and beautiful, dark and pure, and nobody can do it like he does it. The chords are strange and not at all what you'd expect, yet the rhythm is essentially blues. It's a beautiful blend of tradition and creation."     - Gayla Drake Paul, Premier Guitar

14 cuts include:
On a Monday, Sigh of the Whippoorwill, Grasshoppers in My Pillow, Willie The Chimney Sweeper, Paying for it Now, Put on a Buzz, Aberdeen  Mississippi Blues, Xima Jo Road, He Rose from The Dead, Nobody's Business, Lost Lover Blues, Hawaiian Cowboy, Can't Be Undone, Reefer Head  CD: $15  
MP3 Download of Put on a Buzz Album: $10

Grape Put on a Buzz T-ShirtPaprika Put on a Buzz T-Shirt
Put on a Buzz T-Shirts
These just might be the grooviest shirts ever made. We love 'em. Great three color design by Jason Hieronymous on quality Gildan Ultra 100% Cotton Ts.

Grape Put on a Buzz T-Shirt $20 (a dark Deep Purple, seen left)
Paprika Put on a Buzz T-Shirt $20 (a warm Orangey Red, to the right)

Black Catfish Keith T-Shirt
Catfish Keith Black T-Shirt

Gildan Ultra quality 100% cotton black T-shirt with our famous Robert Armstrong logo: the Fish Tail Records guitar-picking fishguy in Texas Orange on the front. For the true believer.

Catfish Keith Logo T-shirt: $20

Catfish Keith Coozie Kooze

Catfish Keith Coozie Kooze Back


At long last, after years of development, the Catfish Keith Coozie Kooze beverage holder is here! It has a thousand and one uses. You can even keep your beer or soda cool. Featuring the ever-popular Fish Tail Records National Guitar-playing Fishguy on the front and Catfish Keith logo on the back in Orange on a classic Black Coozie Kooze. Art by the one and only Robert Armstrong. (Hands and Beverages Not Included.) 

Special Introductory Offer: 2 for $5.00

Catfish Keith Coozie Koozes

Single Cut SlidesCatfish Keith Signature Slides
Catfish Keith Signature Slides by Diamond Bottlenecks

These unique slides are handcrafted deep in the heart of England by Ian McWee from real, thick-walled green European wine bottles. Special double cut: smoothe lip on the top, playing edge, and a curved cut on the bottom for a comfy fit where the base of your pinky meets your palm. Then, to top it off is Robert Armstrong's Catfish Keith logo, engraved and painted in silver leaf. These not only look cool, but have a gorgeous, super rich slide tone. Comes with a velvety carrier pouch. Catfish uses these exclusively. (Pictured LEFT.)   Catfish Keith Signature Slide: $30

Diamond Bottlenecks Single Cut Slide
Fantastic real bottleneck slides handcrafted in England by Ian McWee from the highest quality European wine bottles. The perfect length, texture and weight provide the very best tone and excellent vibrato. Ian is a truly devoted slide scientist and really makes 'em right, perfectly polished, with a smoothe rounded lip, and comes with it's own velvety carrier. Each slide is unique and there will be some variation. (Pictured ABOVE RIGHT.)   Single Cut Bottleneck Slide: $15  

A True
Friend Is Hard To Find - A Gospel Retrospective CD by
Catfish Keith"A True Friend Is Hard To Find - A Gospel Retrospective" CD (FTRCD012) 2011
On this retrospective album, acoustic slide and fingerpicking guitar legend Catfish Keith performs 17 songs from his wide repertoire of gospel music. Catfish's music is rooted in the tradition of foot-stomping blues, roots and gospel music. This is a compliation of gospel pieces from ten of Catfish Keith's earlier albums and includes originals and his unique versions of works from such great artists as Blind Willie Johnson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Joseph Spence, the Reverend Gary Davis, Bind Willie McTell and Bo Carter. 

"His Delta delivery is one of the best in contemporary once a catharsis and powerful visual statement of resilience, Keith calls down fire and brimstone with every lick of this emotionally charged performance."     - Living Blues

"...utterly stunned with mouth hanging open and chin dragging the floor."     - Andy Tate

17 cuts include: Rock Me, Wing and a Prayer, A True Friend Is Hard To Find, You Got To Move, Doggone My Bad Luck Soul, Soul of a Man, One Kind Favor, Out on the Rollin' Sea, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning, Lightning Flash Thunder Roll, Come Back Old Devil, Cross The River of Jordan, Gonna Live That Life, God Don't Never Change, Sign of Judgement, Medley: Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground / By and By, I'm Going To See The King  CD: $15

"Live at the Half Moon" CD (FTRCD011) 2009
This is Catfish Keith's first ever live album, recorded at the Half Moon, in Putney, a legendary music venue in the southern part of London, England. Catfish says: "It was a fantastic, fun-filled night, with a packed house. All the elements were there: a great sounding room with an audience of true blue fans and friends." This album contains over 75 minutes of the live concert: thirteen classics from Catfish's repertoire, complete with his stories and anecdotes and the electric excitement of a live concert.  

...absolute butter in Keith's hot hands. Offbeat, original and uncommonly satisfying, Catfish Keith lays claim to a playing and singing style so thoroughly distinctive that everything old is new again.” - Blues Revue

13 cuts include: Tell Everybody In Your Neighborhood, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning , Eagle Bird , Gonna Live That Life , That Ain't No Way For Me To Get Along ,Roll You In My Arms Like a Wagon Wheel, Mr. Catfish's Advice, Texas Tea Party , What Fun We're Having in Illinois, You Got To Move , Medley: Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground / By and By I'm Going To See The King, Satisfied Tickled Too , Jitterbug Swing CD: $15


Tote Bags and Bumper StickersCatfish Keith Tote Bag
Super-durable, high quality heavyweight natural canvas 100% cotton tote bag with black logo and the famous Fish Tail Records Catfish Guy playing National guitar, very similar to the logo above. Measures 14" wide by 15" high with a 4" wide bottom, 22" straps. Nice! (Flowers not included.) Tote Bag: $15

Catfish Keith Bumper Stickers
Spread the word with these cool 3x9" black removable vinyl stickers with the white Catfish Keith logo (as seen on posters, CD covers, TV, etc!).  Sticker: $1

New! "If I Could Holler" CD (FTRCD010) 2007-'08
Catfish's disc of deep blues and roots originals and timeless country blues gems pulses with life and demonstrates why he's been one of the most original voices in the world of acoustic blues guitar for over three decades. From the hypnotic, rolling 12-string opener "If I Could Holler" to chiming, rattling acoustic guitar twang-outs like "Gonna Live That Life," Catfish takes his unique vision of solo guitar, vocals and stomping feet to new heights. This is his 11th solo album, recorded live in the studio, ringing with pure heartbeat rhythms, expressive, virtuoso guitar and infectious, soul-deep lyrics, played on four different Nationals and two acoustic guitars.

"For Catfish Keith, the resonator guitar is an organic extention of his body, an instrument he plays intuitively and with absolute authority.  Manhandling Delta vamps, artfully fingerpicking rag-influenced Piedmont patterns, and languidly chording ballads, Catfish is one of the premier prewar-style guitarists recording today."    - Living Blues

14 cuts include: If I Could Holler, Pack My Little Suitcase, The Cuckoo, Malted Milk, Rock Me, Losin' Out, Big Fat Woman, Gonna Live That Life, West Indian Waltz, Cross The River of Jordan, Nineteen Birddogs, My Gal, Jitterbug Swing, Satisfied Tickled Too  CD: $15 

"Sweet Pea" CD (FTRCD009) 2005           
Catfish is back with this highly-acclaimed disc, his tenth, right here at home on Fish Tail Records. This is one of his most fully-realized recordings to date. Tracks were laid down pure and live on three hot summer nights this August. Catfish sings, stomps, and plays seven different guitars; two acoustics and five new Nationals, including his two baritones and his exciting first appearance with the 12-string tricone. This album features Keith solo, and powerful duos with the "big bottom" stand-up bass of Marty Christensen on half the cuts. Songs come from deep down in the treasure trove, and include originals as well as songs re-invented from Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Leadbelly, Cannon's Jug Stompers, The Otis Brothers, Dock Boggs, Blind Willie Johnson, Skip James and much more.      
Reviews of Sweet Pea!

13 songs include: Gonna Get My Hambone Boiled, Lightning Flash ~Thunder Roll, Salty Thang, When I Was a Cowboy, A True Friend is Hard To Find, Put Your Bucket in Your Basket, Blotted Out My Mind, Baby I'm a Fine Artiste, Deep Sea Moan, Pile of Plates and a Carving Knife, Little Sweet Pea, That Ain't No Way for Me To Get Along, Going to German CD: $15

Country Blues Guitar DVD"Dynamic Country Blues Guitar" Instructional DVD (2005)
This is Catfish's classic Homespun Tapes 85-minute DVD with music & tab booklet. Catfish teaches his trademark arrangements of seven traditional country blues songs: Eagle Bird (Key of E), Why Don't You Take Mr. Catfish's Advice? (Key of A), Police and a Sergeant and Knockin' Myself Out Gradually by Degrees (Key of C), Brown Skinned Girl (Drop D Tuning), Bye and Bye, I'm Going To See The King and Jitterbug Swing (bottleneck slide style, Open C Tuning). Chock full of Catfish's secret licks and tricks, including harp, pinch, skank and sweep harmonics, and powerhouse slide guitar techniques, designed to expand your range of sounds and pure enjoyment of the guitar.

"Catfish bends entire chords as well as the neck and body of his guitar to wrench emotion from his songs. Knock yourself out!” -Guitar Player      DVD: $30

Tadpole Blues CD by Catfish Keith"Tadpole Blues - Early Recordings 1982-84" CD
(FTRCD008) 2004. This long-lost release is finally available on CD on Fish Tail Records! These are the very first studio recordings of Catfish Keith at the dawn of his career. This set showcases his fully-formed solo excitement played at the time on his 1930 National and 1920’s Gibson Nick Lucas Special. This record started with a youthful fire what continues to this day: foot-stomping deep delta blues, rags, and American roots music at it’s finest. Remastered from the archives by Patrick Brickel.

14 songs include: So Lonesome, Sailing Boat, Something New, Down Island Waltz, Can’t Come Down, Baking Powder, Stand Around Jibbey-Jawin’, Watch Her Strut Her Stuff, Take a Stroll Out West, Doin’ That Thing, If I Had Money, Cold Chill, My Little Girl, Come and Fish with Me     CD: $15

"Catfish Keith In Concert" DVD (2004) Catfish is live in concert on a three-camera shoot in San Diego in January 2004. Lamb Productions captured the modern Catfish on fire at his stomping best, performing almost 90 inspired minutes in an intimate setting on his National Baritone Tricone and small-bodied acoustic guitar. Not to be missed!

14 red-hot favorites include: Tell Everybody in Your Neighborhood, By and By I’m Going To See the King, That Ain’t No Way for Me To Get Along, Eagle Bird, Mr. Catfish’s Advice, Out on the Rollin’ Sea, Dark Was the Night, Chuck a Nickel Down in the Wishing Well, Weep Like a Willow (Hey Pretty Mama), Hawaiian Cowboy, Way Out West, Twist it, Babe!, Mr. Crump Don’t Like It, Jitterbug Swing.     DVD: $15

Sea CD by Catfish Keith"Rolling Sea" CD (FTRCD007) 2003. Catfish Keith's ninth solo album is brimming with 13 deep bottleneck blues, gospel and original songs on his Baritone National and "little bitty" (big-sounding) acoustic guitar. "Pulling Blues out of the Sky, Catfish lays down a foot-stomping groove. One of the finest guitarists of any genre, Keith's great love and delight make his music irresistable." -Acoustic Guitar

13 songs include: Weep Like a Willow (Hey Pretty Mama), She's a Hum Dum Dinger from Dingersville, Racketeer's Blues, Bye and Bye I'm Going to See the King, Out on the Rollin' Sea, Jealous Hearted See, My Little Girl (She Bust Her Drawers), Roll You in My Arms (Just Like a Wagon Wheel), Mr. Crump Don't Like It, Soul of a Man, Monday Morning Blues, Sign of Judgement, Tell Everybody In Your Neighborhood    CD: $15


Fist Full"A Fist Full of Riffs" CD (Solid Air Records, 2001) Catfish's eighth album, an all-instrumental collection of Catfish playing his string-popping acoustic guitar style as well as deep bottleneck slide pieces on his National Baritone Tricone guitar. This album showcases every nuance of his guitar playing with several originals, and pieces influenced by Lonnie Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Fats Waller, Joseph Spence and Blind Willie Johnson.

14 songs include: A Fist Full of Riffs, Mr. Catfish's Advice, Kohala March, Hawaiian Cowboy, Freckles, Gonna Live That Life, High Society, Knockin' Myself Out, Motherless Children, Down-Island Annie, Way Out West, Dark Was the Night - Cold Was the Ground, 12th St. Rag     CD: $15


Just Can't Help Myself"Pony Run" CD (FTRCD006) 1999 Catfish Keith's seventh solo album features a dozen deep, red hot blues and roots gems with special guest Radoslav Lorkovic with Catfish on three piano-guitar barrelhouse duets. "Breaking New Ground for Blues, Catfish Keith is a solo revelation." -The Guardian

12 songs include: I Just Can't Help It, Pony Run, Champagne Charlie, Funky Butt, Butt Dance, Wing and a Prayer, So Cold in China, Buffalo Gals, Sweet Potatoes, Catfish Blues, Canned Heat, Doggone My Bad Luck Soul     CD: $15


Oh, Boot
It!"Twist It, Babe!" CD (FTRCD005) 1997 "Catfish calls it, 'Acoustic blues, gospel moans, slippery slide and swinging scat-o-logical party pieces.' I call it a dozen amazing tunes. Every fan of acoustic blues should have all of his many discs in their collection Every record label in America should be engaged in a bidding war. This man is flat-out spectacular!" -Big City Blues

12 songs include: What Fun We're Havin' in Illinois, Eagle Bird, Walk Across the Ocean, Brownskin Gal, One Kind Favor, Your Biscuits Are Big Enough for Me, Long-Haired Doney, Jack I'm Mellow, Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground, Twist It Babe!, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning, Back in Nagasaki    CD: $15



Best Acoustic Blues Album"Fresh Catfish" CD (FTRCD004) 1995 Nominated for a W. C. Handy Award for BEST ACOUSTIC BLUES ALBUM, this stomping all-solo album has been called "a potent brew, with sparkling guitar picking, evocative lyrics and emotional vocals" -Blues & Rhythm "Catfish Keith has as much fun playing prewar acoustic blues as anybody around today. Fresh Catfish is a real treat." -Living Blues

14 songs include: High-Heeled Sneakers, Way Out West, Sweet Patootie, Happy All the Time, Way Down in Texas, Kohala March, You May Think Funny, Uncle Ned, Don't Lose Your Head, Cairo, Asked You for a Favor, Streamline Train, Down by the Wishing Well, Getting Away with Something, God Don't Never Change     CD: $15


Love My Cherry Ball"Cherry Ball" CD (FTRCD003) 1993 Recorded in one night after an inspiring 7-Nation World Tour, this album includes five originals and a couple of island pieces as well. "Cherry Ball will give you goose bumps and leave you howling for more!" -Dirty Linen

14 songs include: Mr. Catfish's Advice, Cool Can of Beer, Your Head's Too Big, By and By I'm Going to See The King, Cherry Ball, Rabbits in Your Drawers, Swim Deep Pretty Mama, Hawaiian Cowboy, Deep Sea Moan, Goin' Up North Get My Hambone Boiled, Ramblin Blues, Leave My Wife Alone, Mama Don't You Sell It - Papa Don't You Give It Away, That Ain't No Way for Me To Get Along     CD: $15


Handy nominated"Jitterbug Swing" CD (FTRCD002) 1992 Nominated for a W. C. Handy Award for BEST ACOUSTIC BLUES ALBUM with seven originals and the slinky blues fiddle of Randy Sabien. "Keith's raging slide guitar, intricate fingerpicking and infectious vocals tab him as one of the idiom's top acoustic revivalists." -Living Blues

15 songs include:  Jitterbug Swing, Slap a Suit on You, Come Back Old Devil, Blues at Midnight, 12th Street Rag, Move to Louisiana, Gonna Live That Life, Preaching The Blues, Goin' Down to Memphis, Texas Tea Party, Oh, Captain, Fistfull of Riffs, Police & a Sergeant, Tell Everybody, Takin' My Time     CD: $15


Mae Hemphill's Favorite"Pepper in My Shoe!" CD (FTRCD001) 1991
Catfish's classic second album features Keith solo plus harmonica virtuoso Peter Madcat Ruth and jazz violin master Randy Sabien. "Uncanny blues ability. MY HIGHEST RATING. LOADS OF FUN!" -Victory Review

10 songs include: Jealous Hearted, See, Knockin' Myself Out, Saturday Night Stroll, Oh, Mr. Catfish, Daddy Where You Been?, Pepper in My Shoe!, You Got To Move, Tell Me Baby, Nineteen Bird Dogs, Howlin' Tom Cat     CD: $15


Concert Video"American Blues" Concert Video Catfish is captured live in this 55 minute concert video. Taped with five cameras in Columbus, Ohio in November, 1992, this digitally recorded, Hi-Fi VHS Video features pure solo acoustic Catfish, singing, playing and stomping his way through eleven favorites.

11 songs include: Tell Everybody, Goin' Up North To Get My Hambone Boiled, Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground, By and By I'm Going To See the King, Way Down in Texas, Come Back Old Devil, Gonna Live That Life, Texas Tea Party, Mr. Catfish's Advice, Takin' My Time, Howlin' Tom Cat

"This video is not only a goldmine of guitar licks, but a great way to enjoy an evening of the blues without leaving your living room." -Dirty Linen

VHS Video NCTS (USA) Version: $25       


Learn some funky tunes"Guitar Gems" Tab Book Catfish transcribes 10 slide and fingerpicking songs from 5 different CDs. In tablature, with song lyrics, open tunings, playing and set up tips, and secrets to country blues guitar, Catfish-style.

10 songs include: She's a Hum Dum Dinger from Dingersville, Jealous Hearted See, Pepper in My Shoe!, Jitterbug Swing, Cool Can of Beer, God Don't Never Change, Brownskin Gal, Texas Tea Party, Mr. Catfish's Advice, Way Out West

Check out Pickin' with Catfish for excerpts from Guitar Gems, including a transcription of Jitterbug Swing

Guitar Gems Tab Book: $15


Autographed 8"x10" B&W Photo, only $2
Same photo as on the Rolling Sea CD Cover,
personally signed by Catfish just for you!    Autographed Photo: $2

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